Impact School’s Success Portal

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Then, you can access help/support and reviews of your work whenever you need

The best place for you to get quick questions answered is the Facebook group. Our whole team of staff as well as your Mentors (who are all successful Impact School clients) are all ready and waiting for you there!

Then, when you have a piece of work which you’d like reviewed, filling out the form below will ensure it goes straight to Vince. Vince will then review it and consult any of the specialists on the Impact School team if he needs to. From there, you will receive an action plan to move forward which may be a video, screen recording, voice note or document. And if the problem needs further help beyond that, he will send you a link to the calendar of the team member who can help you best. Vince will keep the communication up with you from his personal Facebook profile.

24/7 Support

 We understand the fact getting the right help at the right time is crucial to your success. Vince Lara, Team Impact School, and your dedicated Impact School Mentors will make sure you get what you need, whatever, whenever.

Vince is your main point of contact & Client Success Director. But, behind him – you have access to the entire Impact School team, who are specialists in their own areas. From funnels, to ads, to messaging, to sales – we are all here at your disposal.

Review Form:

We want to make sure we review your work in the most efficient way possible. This is why we need you to be as descriptive as possible.

If you’re submitting a document, please tell us which bit you need us to review. If you’re sending us screen recordings, here’s the fastest way to do so:

Billing/ Payments

If you have any questions, click the button below and send an email to our billing team.

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Technical Assistance

If you need help with product access, billing, or any other technical requests, let us know using the form below