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This page contains the only resources you really need to operate a one-man-band online business. Of course, as you scale… there are going to be other things required. But, to get started… this list is everything.PLUS – we even have discounts/free trials for a lot of these tools! The software recommendations and service providers we have here are the BEST.

We make these recommendations after trying, testing, and playing around with almost all alternatives.We’ve even put everything on this page in the order which you should be implementing it. Because, you don’t need a funnel until you have already got paying clients (and you can get them simply through having a call booking link). With that said- there, of course, are other options out there. But remember: we’ve been doing this for a long time and use all these things ourselves. That means that, if you have any questions about how to use them… As a client of ours, you can ask us for help and we can troubleshoot for you.

So – please take our recommendations to save yourself a lot of time and effort. And remember… You can have the best softwares in the world, but if your business plan sucks – you’re paying for things without generating an income. So, click here and book a call with us to discuss your business plan where we can also show you how to use these tools in the most effective way.

Call Booking

If you are manually scheduling calls with potential clients, that is a terrible use of your time. It’s a pain in the butt for your prospects, too. Using >>> THIS <<< call booking software allows you to simply send a link to your leads, which has them book a call. Plus, you can attach “intake questions” which means they fill out answers to more difficult questions on a form (rather than in the DMs or via email). This reduces friction, and is the easiest way to automate your lead generation process. We show our clients inside Impact School’s Launchpad and Impact School’s Academy exactly which questions to attach to their call booking software, so they can weed out non-ideal clients easily.Provided you are following the Money Making Messaging Method, however, you should be good with a mediocre Application Form.That link above even includes a free trial. And we like it especially because it allows you to put a “BOOK” button on your Instagram profile! This is something which you absolutely need to sign up to and start using today.

How to Do Sales/Client Calls

We really don’t recommend you phoning people’s phones, whether they’re leads or clients. Instead, we like Zoom. You can use it 100% free, and it’s absolutely hassle free. You can even integrate it inside your call booking software (above) which means leads/clients are automatically sent the link to the meeting when they book in a time with you! Plus, it allows you to record your calls which means that once you become an Impact School Client, you can send recordings into us and we can provide you with feedback on how to get better and stop losing sales.

How to Take Payments From Clients

We absolutely recommend you use THIS software. You can use it to seamlessly, safely and securely take payment over the phone.

How to Deliver Results to Clients

A part of your Impact Offer is an online course. We have tried all the online course providers and don’t even need to provide an explanation here. This one is by far the best. Don’t even question us. Ps – that link is an affiliate link so it even gets you a free trial.

Email Service Provider

Setting this up on your own is going to be a time-consuming faff. That’s why we make the entire, long email campaigns for our clients. However, if you feel ready to go ahead and do this, it makes more sense for you to spend time writing emails and collecting leads, rather than researching the best email provider. Having tested the 5 biggest ones, this is by far the best.
(This link includes a free, 14 day trial)

Task Management/Project Organization

There are two reasons you need to be on top of this.

  1. So you can keep on top of everything you’re working on in your business to make sure you’re getting it done and progressing effectively.
  2. To keep on top of the progress, results and painpoints of your clients.

Getting into the habit of doing this from day 1 is really important. Otherwise, when you build a team, you will lack organization and you will be paying a team who aren’t moving forward. Not only that, but it will be harder for you to improve your services as you scale. Take it from me as someone who made that mistake!

That’s why we love this extremely affordable software for both managing everything WE are working on. Plus, for keeping on track of everything our clients are working on. (Psst – this goes on in the background without your clients even knowing, so you are able to impress them with your incredible “memory”).

Health/Fitness Coaches Only

To deliver your fitness/nutrition clients results, it’s best to have a software to give them workouts/macros/meal plans on. MyPTHub is absolutely the easiest to use for both YOU and your clients.We have discount codes for our clients which we have been allowed to give you, as long as you use this link:

Here are the codes for you to use at check-out:
40% off for the year plan – LAURENYEAR40 (we recommend this)
20% off for the monthly plan – LAURENMONTH20


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