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What Is This?

Impact School’s Launchpad is an online coaching and consulting program for impact-driven entrepreneurs. We’ll work closely together for as long as you need, until you have an online business you’re proud of.

Who Is This For?

This program is designed for those who want to launch an online business which allows them to leverage their time. 100% new or been trying (and failing) for a while… This is for you. If you’re already profitable and looking to scale, our Concierge Service may be a better option for you.

How Does It Work?

There are 3 components to The Launchpad:

  1. Step-by-step online implementation program: We want you to do the right thing at the right time, specific to you and your business. That’s why we give you access to a personal e-learning portal which includes your very own plan of action.
  2. Impact School’s Private Coaching Group: Our aim is to answer your questions as quickly as possible. That’s why you have access to a community where you can ask anything and also meet likeminded entrepreneurs.
  3. Live Coaching Calls: Each week, you hop into a video call with your coaches to ensure you can get feedback, critique, and solutions to everything you are executing on from your implementation program.

Why Join?

Do you want to be an online coach or consultant who stands out from the sea of competition?

Are you looking to build something which lasts, is crisis-proof, and really gets your clients results?

Would you like to create financial freedom, and feel good while making sales?

The Launchpad was decided to fill a gap in the market… To give aspiring coaches and consultants the tools, strategies, and systems to build a real business…

This program provides you with the proven roadmap to get your first 5-10 online clients and deliver them results, while building your audience… All on autopilot. Plus, we’re with you every step of the way. Because we care.

  • Create A Program Which Changes Lives
  • Build Your Audience On Autopilot & Stand Out In Your Industry
  • Generate Consistent Leads & Turn Them Into High-Paying Clients
  • Implement Proven Online-Business Systems To Save You Time
  • Build an Unstoppable Business

Ready to Launch?

One Size Doesn’t Fit All.

Full Time

Ready to go full-time into making this happen?

If most of your time will be spent on your online business, we will work with you to start getting your first few clients within the first month of working with us.

Side Hustle

Got a full-time job or kids? (We understand that’s a full-time job too)!  Your implementation path will work around your daily life. So you can have peace of mind & certainty in knowing that you’re spending your time on what is going to move you forward.

Entrepreneur to Online

If you’re already an offline entrepreneur, have an online presence, or are already doing some kind of coaching or consulting, we will work alongside you to create and launch your high-ticket offer so that you can get your time back.

When it comes to turning your expertise into a fully functioning online business there’s a question that ALWAYS comes up.

Should I coach? Become a consultant? Or maybe publish an online course…

Perhaps this decision has paralysed you from starting in the past. Perhaps you’ve even done different packages for different clients. Or scrapped the idea overall.

Well, The Launchpad is here to show you that you don’t have to choose. And that you can leverage your time and systematise your experience to deliver your clients the best results.

Here at Impact School we have found the most effective and scalable way of helping your clients. This is by mixing the 3 following elements.

An Online Course

An online course is the path or route that clients follow to achieve their goals. It connects where your clients are before working with you with where they actually want to go.

But, in order for clients to get there, they actually need a vessel. Perhaps a ship or rocket to take them by the hand to where they need to go. That’s your methodology.

Throughout the journey, your clients will need help and assistance wherever they’re having technical issues or falling off-route. That’s when sporadic consulting comes in place



The first question that might now come to mind is:

How do I actually get people that want to go to the moon?

That’s exactly what the Launchpad revolves around….

Again, your experience will vary from the other person who’s reading this right now. However, below is a list of some of the modules you will be executing on.

Remember – the order in which YOU will be doing them will depend upon the track we assign to you. The reason why we change it up from person to person, is to ensure YOU get the result which is the most effective for YOU:

Ready to Launch?

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