12 week LAUNCHPAD to get your online business off the ground by the end, you can expect to have a killer online program, 3-10 high paying clients, and the systems to repeatedly get more and more customers into the future (even if you’re brand new and getting started from scratch).

This is for you if you are making less than $6500 per month online and want to offer coaching, consulting, courses, freelance work, agency services, books, events, memberships and/or masterminds. We’ll help you launch your online offer, reach high-end clients, and implement the systems that will allow you to scale into the long term. Click here to book a call to find out Launchpad could help you

Clients on Autopilot

Are you ready to dominate your niche, automate your business, and reach more people? At Impact School, we know that every company is unique. That’s why, unlike most courses and programs out there, Impact School will work with you, one-on-one, to inject and tailor proven frameworks into your business that allow you to bring in Clients on Autopilot.

We don’t have a “program outline” or a “sign-up” page because we’re selective about who we work with and will never have you follow a cookie-cutter program. Instead, we help you build a team and create predictable growth through tailoring our systems to meet your needs. Please book a call with us to see how we can help you.

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